Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love and Happiness

Would you like to know what life is like when you finish qualifying exams?

I think this sums it up. Exhibit A - delicious breakfast made with apples we picked at the orchard on Sunday. Exhibit B - a flower my husband picked for me from a particular bush I always notice when we go to the grocery store. Exhibit C - a pin cushion symbolizing the sewing I have resumed now that my exams are behind me. All of these on Exhibit D - a desk almost entirely clear of academic clutter and stress.

Yes. Life is pretty good.

I finished one sewing project (hooray!) but I don't have photos to show yet. Soon though. And next up I have this little number that I'm going to do a refashion on:

What? Too loud? Too large? Too shapeless? That will all be changed soon! Except for the loud part. That's not gonna change. Good thing I like it that way.

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