Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dreams of Sewing

I'm not sewing much these days, because once school began I renewed my efforts to study for my qualifying exams. But I am dreaming of sewing constantly, and I do have a secret project in the works and few others on the brain. Here is a teaser:

Who is Kathryn Anne? Pft. If you don't know (and knowing my followers, at least half of you do), all I can say is that she's someone awesome enough that I would embroider her name on something - and since I subscribe to the ethics of the Selfish Seamstress, we can surmise that she's pretty dang awesome. Otherwise I'd be spending my sewing time on me me me. Yes, I had to delete something out of that image because otherwise it will give it all away. I may have said too much already!

In non-selfish sewing, there's also this project:

This is pretty much hubby's style, minus the sweet white jeans maybe. I would love for this to be done in time for his birthday, but I'm pretty sure that just ain't gonna happen since I scheduled my exams for two days after that. Someday though.

And for me? Well - I have lots of ideas of course, and no time to execute them. But let's pretend I do. I would sew one of these:

Circle skirt by talented Burdastyle member
A lovely wool circle skirt, also inspired by Sunni's and by Casey's current sew-along. I impulse-bought some Pendleton wool off eBay that is very similar to the skirt above. Cross your fingers because I haven't received it yet and who knows if it's the right weight.

I would like to spend more time posting all the inspiration pictures and patterns and verbally drooling over the sewn fall wardrobe of my dreams, but I've already used up an hour of my morning on this tom foolery. More later!

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  1. Ooh lucky girl that Kathryn Anne! And Josh too :) Any thoughts on Halloween costumes yet?