Friday, October 28, 2011

Things are getting spoooooky around here

Hey guys, it's almost Halloween! And since Halloween is on a Monday, that means a full weekend and a day of celebration! Wheeee!

I carved this pumpkin one year, but I didn't take my own photo. This one is from here.
Despite the title of this post, I do not generally dress up as anything super scary for Halloween. I am myself a scaredy cat, and I tend to lean towards funny or cute costumes. Or sometimes pretty ones. Which makes me wonder, when did Halloween tradition start allowing people to dress as pretty much whatever? Kinda weird, isn't it? And when did funny costumes become tradition - specifically, ones involving bad puns? I'm not against this tradition, I just find it curious.

Here's a sneak peek at the costumes I'm working on for this weekend:

Haha! My table is one crafty, sequiny, sticky, fuzzy, glue-smell-gonna-make-you-high mess. I am not usually into crafts. I skip over blog posts that go too far down Hobby Lobby lane. But yesterday I went nuts at Hobby Lobby, and my crafty streak has exploded all over the place. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how that monster fish head is looking. What do you guys think of couple costumes? Pretty cheesy? So expected? I know. Me too. But me and the husb are doing it anyway. In this case, his costume is like the set up to the joke, and mine is like the punch line. I think it's okay, or at least, it doesn't make you barf as much as if we went as Ketchup and Mustard or something.

Now I know Halloween is also a time of stress for a lot of you, and that if you have to hear the question, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" one more time you might burst a blood vessel in your head because you still have no idea and no time to make anything. So just remember, if you can't construct a totally awesome costume at a moment's notice, you can still eat a lot of candy corn, put on a hat or a fake mustache  and go out and enjoy looking at other people's costumes. Then (and here's the important part) you have to focus on not feeling like a failure, but instead think smugly to yourself, "Wow, what kind of dorks have the free time to put together a costume like that?" It can be quite gratifying. See? Halloween is for everyone.

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