Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little Things

Check out who's visiting the bird feeders!

Cardinal (sounds like...)

Red-bellied Woodpecker (sounds like...)

Although really, it's his head that's red. But I guess a Red-headed Woodpecker was already taken. It looks like this:

Yeah. I guess. I think my woodpecker is better.

Having bird feeders outside my kitchen window does two things for me: 1) provides entertainment while washing dishes, and 2) gives me an excuse to climb trees.

In other news, I'm trying to make my mom a special present for Christmas out of the beach glass she's been collecting since... forever. I found helpful advice on a webpage called Seaglass Dreams, here, and inspiration on Etsy, here.

I already had a Dremel tool, but I had to buy the diamond drill bit. No biggie, it only cost about $8. The one I bought, however, was an engraving drill bit - not for drilling holes. It even says so explicitly on the package, only I didn't read that part before I bought it. I don't know if it was the drill bit I bought, or just the way it is with drilling through glass, but it took me about four hours to drill through four pieces of beach glass. I sure love my mom. Here's the result:

Now I just have to do some fancy wire twisting and I'll have a pretty pendant for mom to hang on the chain of her choice. In addition to the advice provided at the link above, here are my extra tips for drilling through beach glass:

  • buy the right drill bit - there are different bits for engraving and boring holes
  • keep the tip of the drill bit submerged in water while you drill, but don't electrocute yourself (please!)
  • rest the piece of glass on a sponge or some other cushiony item submerged in the water while you drill - when you finally bust through to the other side you need a little padding or the glass will break
  • use the low setting on the drill, unless you are feeling confident, reckless, or don't give a damn if you break a few pieces
That's all! Once I get around to doing the wirework I'll post a picture of the finished product.

Monday, October 11, 2010

And for my first act... SHAMELESS PLUG!

Here it is! Post number one. And in the spirit of this blog, I am posting it when I am supposed to be writing a CV, applying for various travel grants, doing homework, and thinking about my future. Well, we all know I don't have time for a blog. I'm supposed to be getting a degree. But I also want to sew. And read others blogs about sewing. And that's how I came across Grosgrain and the....

Magpie Lovely Patterns Guest Giveaway


Go over and check it out. Also, check out Grosgrain because she makes some lovely stuff.

Just because I probably won't get around to sewing anything I win in a giveaway until this Christmas, doesn't mean I can't dream.