Friday, July 8, 2011

Now what? Upcoming projects...

My first sewing success has renewed my sewing addiction, which is in direct conflict with my need to study for my qualifying exams. My academic adviser and I met today for lunch (and serious discussion about what I'm doing with my life). But after doling out the much-needed academic advise, she gave me some sewing advice. Conflict of interest?

She told me the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store was selling loads of fabric at $3/bag, so of course I took a break from the books to run over there and check it out. This is what I brought back...

First up is yards and yards of some sort of chiffony-synthetic-I-don't-know-what. But it's turquoise and polka-dotted and surely can become something wonderful. Any ideas? It's the same hue as the favorite color of my dear friend Adrianne. When I even think Adrianne, I think turquoise. And since me and hubby and Adrianne are moving to the same abode in less than a month (!) this could work it's way into some sort of home decorating project. Adrianne would love to paint the walls in shades like this, but since the landlord might not allow it, some artful draping or draperies might be made out of this.

Next up...

check it out! my glasses match

Is it ugly? I'm not sure. But I'm pretty sure it's rayon. I'm getting better about guessing fiber content. It's the kinda thing I'd make a maxi dress out of, if there were just more. Unfortunately, there's only about 1.5 yards by maybe 60". Enough for maybe.... a romper! Oh gosh I love rompers. Maybe because it's just so freakin hot here in Indiana during the summer. There's really nothing easier to wear. You can't see, but I'm wearing one now. I've thrifted about three in the last several months. Here are some cute rompers off of Modcloth:

Thanks a Bunch romper                                     Study Group romper                                 Colloquies on Chic romper
Unfortunately, I have no cute patterns similar to any of these. Well, how about these?

Modcloth again - Mulberry Tea shorts

These remind me of something else I thrifted - a silk skirt with possibly enough fabric to repurpose into some floral shorts, or maybe a Macaron.

It leans towards the old couch-y or worst, Easter-y, which is what happened to my blue linen dress. I don't wanna talk about it. So I think whatever I do with this fabric, it has to be at least a little edgy or different to avoid Easter Old Couch issues. I really love what NattyJane did with the Macaron pattern:
Would it be a big mistake to make a sweet version of this with a pastel floral? Sigh. Maybe so.


  1. ooh exciting. I am happy for your love of rompers, Im not sure I could pull it off, every time I try one on I regret it...

  2. What? Never regret the romper! I might even send you this one I have, because it shrunk pretty bad in the wash.