Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Sewing Fantasies

When it gets around this time of year, I can't help fantasizing about all the elegant, festive, glitzy, shiny, sumptuous clothing I could sew in name of the holiday season (if I only had the time). There's something so enticing about the sewing possibilities at this time of year. I love thinking about different fabrics - lustrous velvets, crisp taffetas, brocades with metallic threads, sequins! - and all the beautiful things they could be made into - sleek cocktail dresses, froofy party skirts, jackets with fur collars. Aah! It's all too good!

I have to get it out of my system, where or not I have the opportunity to sew something up for the holidays. So here is a list of things I've been fantasizing about sewing lately.

A brocade coat with metallic accents and maybe a (faux) fur collar...

available on Etsy
Wouldn't that be perfect for wearing over a festive dress? You know, on my way to the ballet? No, I don't have tickets to the ballet, but if I had this coat I might buy some! The coat above is beautiful, but I think I'd go for a shorter jacket. I have McCalls 5668, which I think could be a relatively quick sew:

Ooh! It could have a gold belt buckle. Or gold piping on the princess seams! Or some sort of jewels sewn onto the collar.

Next fantasy (and one that has been in my mind for years) is to copy this skirt sported by Emma Watson in a  Teen Vogue photo shoot a long while back:

You can see more photos from that photo shoot here. Really, I'd like to copy any of those outfits. They check all the boxes on my holiday fantasy list.

Item 3 - a luxurious silk velvet robe to lounge around in.

This one is from a company called Soft Surroundings, but mine would be a short version because let's be honest - I can't afford that much yardage of silk velvet. This item is also practical, because I don't need tickets to a ballet or a fancy ball to get use of it. But I might need to wear lipstick while wearing it. Silk velvet deserves a little effort.

Item 4 is something quite attainable. I'd like to copy Kathy's twist tank in some sort of sparkly or shiny fabric:

The fabric on the right is Robert Kaufman "Radiance" cotton/silk sateen, and I bet it would do awesome for this pattern. It also comes in a wide array of colors. I could even choose a different fabric for the over and under layers! That would make it entirely reversible, right? Or maybe I could embroider a little beadwork at the bottom of the V neck? Gonna be thinking about that one for a while...

I could go on, but homework is calling. What would YOU like to be sewing this holiday season?


  1. I feel so fancy for being included here! :) I too have been thinking about a faux fur neckline on a jacket. I just don't know where to get good fake fur that isn't super expensive.

    1. I think the blue color of your top is really striking, and it's such a simple but elegant pattern - it would make a great layering piece for the holidays. Plus, I'm really excited about this reversible idea. Think about it - if you put two twists in the shoulders, you could use two different colors and the top would be totally reversible, with just a little hint of the contrasting color at the shoulders.