Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year Schemes

I'm breaking down and writing a New Years Resolutions post. I tried to resist, but I can't. After reading everyone's "Best of 2012" posts and their "New Year Resewlutions," I can't suppress the itch to document my own schemes for 2013. So here they are...

1. Finish sewing my jeans and perfect the pattern.

There was a hold-up on these because I became convinced I need a walking foot to sew the stretch denim... and walking feet are expensive. I finally splurged on one for my big Christmas gift, and it's on its way in the mail!

2. Sew these guys!

Despite being continually impressed by Tasia and patterns, I have yet to sew any for myself. The blogosphere is definitely in love with her work - did you see that she has four patterns in the running for top pattern of 2012, over at Sewing.PatternReview? Yah. I can't wait to join the masses who have reviewed and raved over these patterns. As a definite pear-shaped lady, I can't wait to try out the Thurlow trousers. And I just ordered some wool for a Minoru this week. So excited! And speaking of Sewing.PatternReview...

3. Participate in a sewing contest at Sewing.PatternReview

entries in the Little Black Dress contest in November
I've begun to pay more attention to this website in the last few months. For a long time I neglected Sewing.Pattern Review because of the shabby, out-dated website design. But recently I've found myself spending more and more time over there, and I've come to appreciate it as an excellent resource, gross color scheme aside. I really love browsing the contest entries, and this year I'd like to participate in one myself.

4. Sew something for Josh

a project which has yet to materialize.... hehe... materialize
This is way overdue.

5. Sew something green!

I think the whole Pantone color of the year thing is mighty stupid. One color? For a whole year? For everybody? But I love the color they chose for this year. So I'd like to sew something emerald.

6. Do some giveaways!

"Ah, now you're talking!" says my limited readership. Yes, I have vintage patterns to get rid of. I tried selling on Etsy, but it's not worth the hassle. I would rather just give them away to loving homes. So watch out for that. Plus, this would be an excellent way to boost readership... there's always an ulterior motive.

7. Blog more

If I want more followers, I really ought to have more content. And it's not that I lack material... there are several projects I haven't blogged yet and several ideas brewing. I'm not concerned about making this blog so polished and prolific that it could be a money earner (too much effort I think) - I just need to snap a photo (whether or not the lighting is perfect) and post the damn thing. Quantity, not quality, right?

Okay that's enough. I could get carried away with other goals about being a more careful seamstress, taking my time, listening to the fabric, making muslins, blah blah blah. That's just not as fun. So there's my list! Now time to get crackin.


  1. I really like your list! Everyone seems to have blogged their sewing resolutions and I've been enjoying reading them so much. I too have a pile of patterns that I'm to in the mood to sell but just don't need in my collection, I like the pattern giveaway plan (I will likely be copying your idea:)
    And, yeah what is with the ugly patternreview layout/color palette/design?! But it has such great content I forgive the web site for the lack of visual aesthetivc appeal. And for the men's sewing, give a looke at McCalls 6044, it turns out really well especially with interesting fabrics.

    1. I meant I have patterns I'm NOT in the mood to sell! :)

    2. Thanks for the pattern recommendation. The first shirt attempt stalled because there were too many fitting issues. I think I just need to start over.

  2. Can you explain further about this color of the year thing? Who chooses the color and why one color for one whole year? I have so much to learn....

    1. Pantone is a company that has developed standards for color, so that all different industries can refer to their system and know that "fire-engine red" is an exact shade that other people can refer to and match. And every year they declare a "color of the year" - and I guess the fashion industry follows their lead and uses that color a ton... and a lot of other companies will release products done specially in that color. Last year it was "tangerine tango." Sounds a bit silly, right?

  3. I like doing giveaways because people leave happy comments about patterns that i think are hideous/worthless. To each, her own...