Friday, January 25, 2013

Binding a neckline slit - according to the pros

I went to our public library yesterday to pick up an armful of sewing manuals. I need them for an upcoming BIG project which I will reveal shortly. Here's what I came home with...

Cool Couture by Kenneth King, Great Sewn Clothes by Threads Magazine, Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Shaeffer, and Linen and Cotton by Susan Khalje. First, let me say that the cover photos (with the exception of Shaeffer's book, maybe) are so 90s fabulous that in  my earlier sewing days I might not have even pulled these off the shelf. Appearances can be deceiving, though. Just like the dowdy Sewing Pattern Review website, behind these outdated facades is a wealth of sewing knowledge. Second, let me say that Kenneth King's book is actually from 2008... which leads me to say (in the words of lladybird) "LOL wut?"

Anyhoo, I was casually paging through these, sinking into a dorky sewing bliss, when I happened upon the answer to my question from last week - what is the proper way to finish a narrow slit in a neckline? Here is what Shaeffer has to say. You can do a rolled hem...

 Or you can use two separate binding strips like shown here:

I'm pretty sure that first picture is out of order though. Shouldn't that be the third step? Also, I'm not sure I understand how the finishing goes on the inside with this method. If you give this a shot, I'd love to see how it works.

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