Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pattern Giveaway!


Did anyone check out the beautiful array of shift dresses that Sarai posted for inspiration yesterday?

photo collage from Sarai at Coletterie
Shift dresses aren't generally my favorite shape, but Sarai just might have convinced me that even pears can wear shift dresses. I am seriously tempted to put a shift dress on my sew-this-soon list. The comment chatter over at Coletterie suggests that maybe Sarai has a shift dress pattern in the works, but in case you don't wanna wait for the release...

It's time for another pattern giveaway! I have a shift dress pattern up for grabs, along with several others. I also wanted to celebrate finishing my Minoru - which felt like an epic battle at times - by giving some love back to the sewing community. Maybe I'll do this every time I finish a project. Hmmm.  Also, we'll be moving to a new house in the summer, and I don't wanna haul a bunch of sewing patterns with me that I never intend to use. So help me out! Here's what I'm offering this time...

Butterick 3243 - Bust size 34" - Cute shift dress pattern with clever pocket placement!

Simplicity 8703 - Bust size 37" - A sailor girl dress for summer? It's missing the envelope, but the pieces should all be there.

Simplicity 7024 - Bust size 36" and 38" - I don't find this very exciting, but maybe one of you will.

Butterick 3738 - Bust size 36" - These camisoles are pretty darn cute.

Simplicity 5475 - Bust size 39" - Another shift dress! Sorta. A shifty dress. It's sorta A-line, but that's just what would make it work for another pear shaped lady like me.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below with a link to something you are sewing (or would like to sew) for spring! It snowed again today, so I could really use some sunshiney inspiration up in here. I'll close the giveaway on Saturday at noon and choose a winner.

*EDIT*  Forgot to say, I'll be selecting one lucky person to receive all five patterns. I'd divvy them up, but I have a box full of patterns to give away (eventually) and if I ship them all individually the postage would add up to quite a lot!


  1. Hello thank you for the giveaway! I will like Butterick 3243 if possible! I am currently sewing the Cordova Jacket from Sewaholic...

    1. Oooooh yes. I love that jacket! It's going on my birthday wish list.

    2. Yes, 3243 for me too! I'll check etsy or ebay for it.

  2. hi If i won id adore the simplicity 5475 if its possible to choose . This is my spring inspiration id love to get it done ..McCalls 5395-'s_5395 i love the sleeveless version and i HAVE to find the right material. Could be so CUTE!

  3. I just seen this McCall's pattern in the new threads magazine and I love it!(the short sleeved red version)

    I've just recently been following your blog. I found you on that sewing google map. I only live a couple hours south of you!! I was just in Bloomington a few months back doing some shopping. Love all the little unique shops and antique shops!

    1. Hey Shanni! That's funny we're so close, because just a few days ago I was admiring those retro pants you made. I must have seen your review on Burdastyle or something. Anyway, I have them pinned now! Super cute.

  4. The simplicity 8703 is so cute. I am ready to sew some basic staples this summer.

  5. I have just bought some nice fabric, prewashed it already, and as soon as I have time, I'll be sewing this:'s_5857 the one on the left. I will only be using a less fluffy crinoline ;). Thank you for the giveaway! :)