Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Thankful Procrastinator

Several weeks ago, Tina over at the Sew Weekly organized an online pattern swap. I rushed to join, because  whenever I read about real-life pattern and fabric swaps I am filled with wistful longing - there are no blogging seamstresses in close vicinity to me (that I know of), and I'm certainly not on my way to London or San Francisco or New York or any other place where these meet ups and swaps tend to happen. Plus, this is a fantastic way to send off some patterns I'll never use.... although I may have traced off a thing or two before I sent my swap gifts off in the mail.

Here is what I sent:

Simplicity 2087

Simplicity 5698
Photos are courtesy of the Vintage Patterns Wiki because I forgot to take photos before I sent these off in the mail. I hear my swap partner (on the receiving end) was pretty pleased, which is always nice to hear. I finally feel like I've given back to the sewing community a little. If I don't manage to sell any patterns through my Etsy store in the next month, they may be destined for future swaps and giveaways because it's really gratifying to see them go to happy homes.

Giving gifts is fun. Getting gifts is really fun, especially when they're as cute as this:

I've been wanting to make a shirt dress for a while, and the princess seams make this one really lovely. Oh, and my gifter was so kind as to include some cute green polka dot ribbon too. And it came all the way from a seamstress in New Zealand. Thanks so much Kat!

Now... where can I find that perfect eyelet....?

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