Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New House!

I've got a lot to blaggy blog about, but not all sewing-related. If you are just here for the sewing, you might wanna skip ahead. I'm gonna do this in installments because 1) I might be too lazy to do it all tonight, and 2) what if you don't wanna read about my new house? Well, then you can wait for the next post. Really, I don't know why I'm so accommodating to my expansive (make-believe) following of sewing enthusiasts. You all are really so demanding.

So, house? Here it is!

hubby finally has a place to smoke his pipe
The lovely (and giant) hibiscus in the top photos are gifts from my mom-in-law. She visited soon after we moved in and was a huge help getting a set up. Aren't they beautiful? Every day new blooms open and old ones die. It's kinda fun to go check on them in the morning to see what they're up to. The interior of the house isn't quite photo worthy yet, except for the lovely sun room. Except, now that I look at it, that's not a very sunny picture. I'll do better later. Whatever. This isn't an interior design blog, after all.

This house has so much space that we don't know what to do with it all. So we're only using a few of the rooms so far. The screened-in porch is also a big hit, especially now that the nights are a little cooler. We had a thunderstorm the other night, and it was awesome to observe it from the porch - until it got really intense and started to hail.

We also have space to garden (pics of that later), plus an Asian pear tree in the backyard and a peach tree in the front. Leigh has already made delicious things out of the peaches. They are on their way out for the year, and the other day I saw this squirrel devour the last one...

He ate it all in a few minutes. I'm pretty sure he regretted it later. That's a lotta peach for one squirrel.

And in other non-sewing news, hubby and I had our three year anniversary a few days ago. We were both lacking in ideas or time to do anything super fancy, but we did go out to a nice restaurant we hadn't tried yet...

ate delicious desserts at home...


and decided we'll keep it going with the marriage thing, because so far, so good! Oh, and he got me flowers - beautiful flowers that are sitting next to me now.

Tomorrow: Sewing adventures! A completed dress! A box full of vintage patterns (and silverfish)!

You'll just have to wait.

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